Find your running train status [ India Only ]

Finding current status of train in India is little problematic due to over traffic most of the time and if you just can’t wait for it CRIS of India has one right online service for you up and running. All you need is to just give your train name and number and get the current status of the train any time and in between any station.

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Go to  Train Running Information,  Here you have two tabs, one is train and second is Stations.

Step 1: Fill in your train number or name and hit the search button. You can also use train number, train name, source, destination or a combination of all.

Step 2 : Next you get is a couple of trains matching to your need and you need to select the right train. You also get to see the days on which train run.

Train Status Enquiry

Step 3 : After you click the selected train, you get details as follows :

  • Today’s or Latest Day.
  • Tomorrow’s or day after tomorrow’s train
  • Te next option required is select for which Stoppage you want to find the status.
  • Look for a blue colored bar which says “Select train based on station”
  • Select station you want to check for next screen you would get all the details of its current status.

Train Status Result


The next screen then gives you the following details :

  • Current Status of the train. (On Time, Delayed, Re-scheduled etc)
  • Last Location / Updated time of train
  • Next two stop and expected time of travel.
  • Previous two stops and departure time.
  • You also get to see Train Name, Station Name, Actual / Expected Arrival Schedule Departure Time
  • Delay in Departure, Actual / Expected Departure and Last Update at.

Train Status Result Details

Bookmarking Trains you often travel on :

It is also possible to bookmark a train using the star button on the left side of the train.  This way when you visit the train enquiry site next time,  it will be automatically listed below the search box.

This would be the best way to find the current status of your train if you are always connected to internet. So stop dialing and start spotting it online.

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  1. Dear all,
    For more information for train status and train ticket availability to find It is easy and fast search.

  2. Same spot Ur Train service for mobile. Its a WAP can be accessed from the mobile when people are travelling, so that they can know at what time they will reach their destination. All you need to know is only the train number.

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