Finding the biggest folder or file [ Windows ]

Many times you get the message of Disk Space is full or there is no space in your C drive from windows and you get alarmed what you might have to remove. You try to clean it up removing all junk files, temporary files still you just couple of MB’s free but no more. So what do you do ?

  1. Either you might just start uninstalling biggest programs
  2. Or you would try to find whats eating the space.

The second approach is what you should take but there is a small problem with it . Find the file or folder which is occupying the most space is little tedious.I know there are couple of ways but seeing folder size in Windows is just possible in GUI and its difficult using the command mode. So what do you do ?

Here is small and smart solution which tells you the biggest directory or file in any of your drive or folders. Though its gives a long result but all you need is to look at the end of the result to pin point whats taking most of your space.

Finding the biggest folder in windows
Finding the biggest folder in windows

Disksum does this job nicely. So next time you get a problem of hard disk running out of space you might just try to find out if any big file you had left behind and forgot to delete. Good Luck!!

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