Firefox add-on to Evoke Mindfulness and Increase Concentration

I remember setting up an alarm which used to ring after every 30 minutes in my mobile phone during my exam days; this helped me a lot, because I can’t concentrate for long, my mind starts  wandering and this used to happen more frequently when I was with my course books, so to avoid this situation, which I definitely couldn’t afford during my exams, I used this method of alarms at regular intervals / reminders.

I recently came across this Firefox add-on, which acts on same lines, this Firefox add-on named as Consciousness Bell, when installed and enabled, rings / plays a soft Tibetan bowl chime at random intervals throughout the day.

Consciousness bell
Consciousness bell

As shown above, you can choose the intervals as Often, Less Often, Rarely, Unknown or Custom, to access this menu you will have to go via Tools then choose Add-on, and then from the list of add-ons you can access the Option under the Consciousness Bell.

However the page for this add-on describes the use of Consciousness Bell a bit differently from what I said above and says “The Consciousness Bell is intended to introduce mindful awareness into everyday life.

A soft Tibetan bowl chime will play at random points throughout the day. When it does, take a few moments off. Stay still, and be mindful.

Notice your body. Your sensations. Your breath.
Where are you? What are you doing right now? What are you feeling?

After a few conscious moments, take a deep, relaxing breath. Smile. And return to normal life…

Allowing yourself these few daily seconds of mindfulness will grant you moments away from the rush. Being more aware and less automated in your actions, and introduce calmness and ease to your daily routine.”

I have installed it for me, and am using it the way I said, to keep me focused, if you have a nice concentration level and you don’t have a habit of getting lost with your thoughts, you can use it as the page describes, else, give it a try my way, and don’t forget to tell us the way you are using it finally.

Try The Consciousness Bell (It’s an experimental add-on, so you need to log-in or create and account before you install it.)


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