Five crucial tips to protect your PC

It’s dangerous today if you couldn’t protect your beloved PC from intruder or Viruses on the web. Since Telecommunication is very advance today, even by letting your Bluetooth “on” while in the mall, You’ll get infected by Malicious Codes!Below is my 5 tips to protect your PC from several harms and Intruders:

How to protect your pc

  1. Get a Router :Buy one router for your PC if you are browsing at home. Router can defend your Computer from the first internet attack because it have a internal surge protection and firewalls. Don’t rely to much on your PC Antivirus and Firewall. The best combination is to use both of them together.
  1. Back Up, back-up, BACK-UP! : This message seems too common nowadays. So, people tend to forget it and never do this crucial-must-do action. Back-up is very easy actually… People only don’t like the waiting time. The larger your database and files is, the longer you’ll going to wait. But, I think it worth it!
  1. Avoid Visiting Dangerous Site : This is something that very funny to tell. Many peoples know, and it has become a common sense that Adult sites, Cracked Sites, Torrent Sites, etc. is very dangerous to enter. And still, many people visit those sites! They got attacked and begin to blame on the bad antivirus software.
    To be frankly, Anti-Viruses are not “Protector”, they are “Defender”. They do not attack any codes and eliminate them before you enter those sites. But, they “defend” you from the “attack” of the bad codes when you are “in” those sites.
    If your software happens to not updating for just one day, you have a BIG possibility to be infected by Bad Codes! So, Watch yourself! :wink:
  1. Update, Update, UPDATE! : Never forget to let your windows or software to go online and update themselves with the newest bugfix and patches. This event help yourself and help your computer to “defend” itself from the newest holes in the programs that hacker can use it to break your system.
    Some people who reside in the developing country like myself may feel stress because on every Updates, the file’s size is very BIG! It waste our Limited Bandwidth Quota and we must pay a lot on every exceeding quota!
    Advice? Go and play in Cyber Café if you want to go online! No need to worry about bandwidth and no need to worry about intrusion that will break your computer and data!! :grin:
  1. Diversify your System Folder and Data Folder into different PartitionSystem folder on [C:] and Data folder on [D:]
    This is the common plan to defend your data lost! Never save your important data to your System folder on [C:], but save it on [D:]. When your system is attacked by the bad codes, you data on [D:] won’t interrupted. You can format and reinstall your System files and… Taaa Daaaa! New System that free of Bad Codes!! :))

Well, I hope this tips would be helpful for you. Since new viruses is created on each hour of our day, Make sure to follow the newest information on how to protect your PC!


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