Fix Broken Windows Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode is most of the time last resort for novice users to get their windows working when they are unable to login to their account or many a times cannot launch any application. The reason for this can be many, most of the time is virus infection or corrupt files.

Now what happens when you cannot launch safe mode ? For most of use, we backup our files and folder which is easy if it is organized nicely using the dos mode and then reformat your computer and start windows installation once again.

Thanks to Ghacks, We can now use a software, Windows Safe Mode Fixer which can fix and bring back the safe mode if you are unable to launch it for any reason.

What it does ?

This fixer needs access to your computer hard disk to fix any registry issues that might be the cause to load safe mode. This means any anti-virus or security tool you have on your machine might warn or block it. So if you are having issues like this, you will need to disable them first.

How to use it ?

Using this software is very simple.

  • First save all your work.
  • Disable your security measures or software.
  • Download it from here.
  • Launch it and Click on the Fix Button.
  • You will have to give admin privilege to make it run successfully.
  • This will fix any issues you have and restart your computer.
  • To get into Safe Mode use F8 key on your keyboard when you computer is booting.

Windows Safe Mode Fixer


Said that this solution should be used only when you get into trouble when you have no access to safe mode and not other wise. Never fix what is not broken. In case you have a corrupt user profile there is a way to fix it and if you plan to re-install you can read how you can transfer windows user from one windows to another.


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