[Fix] Cursor Keeps Moving to the Left When Typing

Are you facing the issue of the cursor moving to the left when typing on your PC or laptop? If yes, then this post will help you to resolve this issue. Though rebooting the PC can help you sometimes, still it’s not the permanent solution for this issue. This post will provide five working fixes to resolve this error. We also share the possible reasons why this error occurs.

Why Does the Cursor Keep Moving to the Left When Typing?

Cursor keeps moving to the left when typing due to software or hardware issues like an outdated mouse driver, accidental touches, a keyboard used in combination with a laptop, software settings, and so on.

[Fix] Cursor Keeps Moving to the Left When Typing

[Fix] Cursor Keeps Moving to the Left When Typing

Here in this section, we will discuss five working solutions to resolve the cursor that keeps moving toward the left when typing errors which are like

  1. Disable mouse touchpad
  2. Run troubleshooter
  3. Uncheck the Automatically move the pointer default button
  4. Point speed adjustment
  5. Update mouse driver

Before trying all these solutions given below, we recommend you restart the PC once and check whether your issue is resolved. If the issue is still there, then try our solutions.

1] Disable Mouse Touchpad

The cursor moving to the left issue might happen because of accidental touches to the mousepad while typing. If you are using a laptop and the mouse touchpad is close to the typing keys, this might happen due to your palm touching the mouse pad.

Moreover, if you connect an external mouse to your laptop, the touchpad is enabled automatically, which can cause the cursor to move toward the left. In such cases, you must disable the inbuilt mouse touchpad on your laptop. To disable the touchpad, follow the below steps.

  • Press Win + I to open Windows Settings.
  •  From the left side panel of the Settings page, click on the Bluetooth and devices option.
  • Find the Touchpad section from the list and click on it.Touchpad Settings Windows
  • There will be a tab that says Touchpad. You can toggle it on and off in this tab. Just toggle it to Off settings.
  • You can also uncheck the box that says—Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected.

The last part comes in handy to ensure the touchpad is active as soon as the keyboard is detached.

2] Run Hardware Troubleshooter

Running a hardware troubleshooter can help to fix the cursor moving left when typing. The built-in program checks for the basic issues and runs scripts that can fix most problems.

Follow the steps to run the troubleshooter:

  • Open Windows Terminal
  • Type msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic and press the Enter key.
  • Windows will now open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.Run Hardware troubleshooter
  • Click Advanced > Apply repairs automatically.
  • Select Next, and let the wizard complete the process.

3] Uncheck the Automatically Move the Pointer to the Default Button

If your mouse cursor keeps moving to a dialog box button, you need to uncheck the settings, which does that. While the setting is handy, you don’t need to keep finding which button to click, but it can lead to accidental clicks if you click too fast.

Follow the steps to change the mouse settings:

  • Press the Windows key and search for Settings.
  • Click on the Bluetooth and devices option, and now from the right-side panel, click on the Mouse option.Open Mouse Settings Additional Settings
  • Click on the Additional mouse settings from the Related settings. It will open the mouse properties window.
  • Click on the Pointer Options, and uncheck the Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialogue box under the Snap To section.Uncheck Automatically Move Pointer to Default Button

4] Pointer Speed Adjustment

The cursor keeps moving left when typing is also caused due to too high pointer speed. You might have moved it a little, but because of the setting, it went too far, and you thought it moved.

In such cases, you must adjust the pointer speed. To adjust the pointer speed, follow the below steps.

  • Press the Windows key and search for Settings.
  • Go to Bluetooth and devices > MouseChange Mouse Pointer Speed
  • Here you will see the mouse pointer speed toggle bar there.
  • Adjust the speed in the middle so that the cursor may behave normally.

5] Keyboard Software settings

Hardware key assignments Windows

The keyboard settings on your computer may have been altered, causing the cursor to move in a specific direction. Most keyboards come with software that can later the keyboard behavior.

If you have used software that slowly moves around the cursor so it adds benefits to your gameplay, then you must change it. Check your keyboard settings in the software to reset it to default, and then check if the behavior changes.

6] Update Mouse Driver

Update Logi Mouse Driver

Sometimes outdated mouse driver can cause an error, so we recommend updating it. To update the driver, you must visit the official website of your mouse brand and download and install the latest version on your PC.


In this post, we have given five working and most reliable fixes to resolve the cursor that keeps moving left while typing. We recommend first rebooting your PC and checking whether the issue is resolved. If not, you can try our five methods to resolve it.

Why Does My Laptop Cursor Keep Moving When I Typing?

This usually happens when your hand accidentally touches the touchpad. You can usually stop it from happening by turning off tapping on the touchpad. Try turning off the touchpad while typing to check if this is the reason.


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