Is your computer infected with DNS Malware ? Here is how to Fix it

Last year couple of Cyber Criminals  were arrested because they did something on the Internet because of which many users were being sent to fraud sites instead of original sites and they never knew about it. They called it Operation Ghost Click.Fast forward this year, it has been declared that many users might not be able to surf internet because whatever they changed is being fixed.This is happening on July 9th 2012.

DNS Malware Changer

What is DNS Malware in simple English ?

Under Operation Ghost Click, those cyber criminals, changed something called as DNS, which on every computer is responsible to find a website, after you type the address on the browser’s address bar.

This is like asking a guy on the road about address of hotel. If he is good guy, he will tell you the correct address but if he is bad guy, he can get you in trouble. This is what they did.

How it is Getting Fixed ?

DNS are ultimately IP addresses which is again tied to a computer. They are being removed.

Now since your computer is in habit of asking those computer whenever you type in an address, this time there is no one to answer. So when you type in the address, all you will get is Cant Find the Page.

What you should do ?

Check if your computer is infected : This can be done by running any popular antivirus on your computer and to double check follow the instructions given at this site If it finds the malware, you can remove it by following more detailed instructions here. which is available for both Windows and MAC Users.

One of the quickest method will be to change your DNS to Google Public DNS, at least for now. You may call in your ISP for further details.

How to change DNS ?

If you are connected over a ROUTER or Modem, You will need to change it on its admin page. Since this totally depends on what kind of router or modem you have, the best is to call the technical person or somebody around you, who can help.

If you have configured DNS on your Computer Manually, you may change in in your Network Settings. Look for TCP / IP Properties.

Even if all this does not work, you may reinstall the OS on your computer but make sure to take backup of your computer.


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