Fix Font issue in Firefox 4 ( Hardware Acceleration )

If Fonts on websites are looking pixelated , thicker and sometimes not so easy to read when using Firefox 4,  blame the hardware acceleration for that. For some reason, seems to be bug, Fonts are not rendered like they should be.

The image below clearly says how fonts get changed when hardware acceleration is used. Good news the fix is easy.

Fix Hardware Acceleration with Fonts in Firefox 4


How to disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox 4 :

  • Press Alt Key
  • Select Tools > Options
  • On the General Tab look for a check box which says “User Hardware Acceleration when available.
  • Uncheck and Save
  • Save your work if any.
  • Restart Firefox.

Disable Hardware Acceleration for Firefox 4

Hopefully this bug will be fixed in next version of Firefox. The issue had been there since beta.


  1. I really hope they either rid of it entirely or sort the bugs out, with it being on the FF homepage now to download loads of users will be viewing sites getting headaches and no website owner would want that and its really beyond our control. I’ll make sure I let others know of the fix because I myself upgraded today and could barely read anything without a huge headache. Thanks for this!


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