Fix it Solution for Microsoft XML vulnerability in Windows

Microsoft Security Advisory web page details out that about an XML vulnerability which can execute a program on a remote machine when a visitor visits such website using Internet Explorer.  Remember its not possible that you will be forced to visit such website or it will open automatically but if you accidentally visit such website by clicking a link from a fraud or spam email or link from social website which are not safe, chances are that you will end up visiting such website and risking your computer. Links clicked from Office documents can also cause the damage if they are linked to the problematical website.

Luckily Microsoft has released a Fix It Patch for this which will block such attempts for now. Though most of the security updates will be rolled out via Windows Update but if you want to do it now, Visit this page and click on the Fix this Problem Icon ( Enable )

Microsoft Fix it 50897

For companies who want to update it to all their computers without any delay, you will have to either copy it to a USB drive and update manually or use any system administrator tool to update it to all the computers. If you are regular computer user, copy it to your friends or family computer and update them.

For those who are interested to know more, Google Online Security team actually discovered the problem and reported that to Microsoft on May 30th. Microsoft actively worked to fix that and this solution was rolled out in two weeks.


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