Fix : Make YouTube Centre Align from Left Align

YouTube today rolled out their new layout which is pretty sleek and pretty fast but, has a load of whiteness which many of you would not like it and there is no way to customize it as of now. Now what is really annoying is the alignment which is completely towards left resulting in even more white space and its pretty distracting.

So how do you fix it ? Since its only alignment, it can be changed if you can change the style sheet behind using any of the developer tool like Firebug, but then that’s lot of hard work. So here is a permanent solution.

  • Install Greasemonkey
  • Then install this user script from here
  • Once installed, reload the YouTube page if already open else launch it in a new tab.
  • YouTube is all centre aligned.

YouTube User Script Left Alligned

Now if, you actually look into the script it just realigns and moves the left section 120 PX off.

document.body.className = document.body.className.replace('site-left-aligned', 'site-center-aligned');

// The guide-container div gets hidden behind videos when the page content is centered because the div is absolute positioned
document.getElementById("guide-container") ? document.getElementById("guide-container").style.left = '-120px' : '';

Anytime you want the old left aligned configuration back, just uncheck the user script using the Greasemonkey dropdown.

The Real Problem :

It seems the issue is happening for users with high resolution. When I tried with resolution of 1024 X 768, there was no alignment issue, in fact it takes up the complete screen. I am sure this is going to be fixed soon. Below is how it looks like on a lower resolution.

YouTube Low Resolution Allignment



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