Fix: Printer Error Operation could not be completed (0x00000709)

Printing anything with a Windows PC is a straightforward process. But, only until you have multiple printers with different drivers on the same network, you must switch between them constantly. In such a case, many users encounter the Operation could not be completed (0x00000709) error with the printer that prevents them from accessing or using the printers on the particular network.

This article discusses the possible causes and fixes for the error in Windows 11/10. Please stay tuned and read this article carefully to avoid missing any steps.

Operation could not be completed (0x00000709)

What Is Operation Could Not Be Completed Error 0x00000709, and Why Is It Caused?

The Operation Could Not Be Completed printer error prevents the user from accessing and using the various printers on the network. The issue is primarily related to the network and Firewall.

The entire error message clearly states the issue is with the network as the printer is not visible on it:

Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709). Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.

This is when the printer is not directly connected to the device but is connected to a computer on the shared network where another computer sends the print commands. It is also termed Operation could not be completed (error 709 shared printer) Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Now that you know the issue and its causes. Let’s work on fixing it without further ado.

Fix: Printer Error: Operation Could Not Be Completed (0x00000709)

Many fixes can work in this case; most of them work on solving shared network issues and some issues related to the firewall. Here are the fixes on how to solve operation could not be completed 0x00000709:

  1. Check Firewall Rules on PC that shares a printer
  2. Check Shared Printer Settings
  3. Check Host & Client PC are on the same Network
  4. Run Network Troubleshooter on both PC
  5. Assign the Shared Printer a fixed IP

You will need admin permission to execute these suggested solutions to resolve the error 0x00000709 in Windows 11 and Windows 10.

1] Check Firewall Rules on PC That Shares Printer

For other PCs on the shared network to access the printer and send it commands to print certain documents, there need to be some Firewall rules set by the host PC. Here’s how you can check whether the rules are set or set them:

  • Open Windows search and search Windows Defender firewall with advanced security.
  • Open the first option. This will open the window where you can view all the firewall rules. Now, open Inbound rules from the left pane.
  • In the inbound rules. Find the File And Printer Sharing (Spooler Service) rules. These will have a green tick mark before them. Double-click on them to open the settings window.
  • Now in the settings window, head to the Action section in the General tab and check whether the connection is allowed. If it isn’t, then select the allow option. Set Firewall Rules To Allow Using Printers On Shared Networks
  • Follow the same steps for the File And Printer Sharing (Spooler Service – RPC) and File And Printer Sharing (Spooler Service – RPC-EPMAP) rule.

To complete the process, please perform the same steps for both outbound and inbound rules on the host and client computers. 

2] Check Shared Printer Settings

You need to check the shared printer settings and see whether you’ve allowed taking print commands from other computers on the network and if any specific computer is blocked from doing so. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Windows settings by pressing the Windows+I keys on your keyboard, then head to the Bluetooth and Devices section from the left pane.
  • In the Bluetooth and Devices section, open the Printers and Scanners option and then open the printer you wish to check the settings for.
  • Several Printer settings will be displayed; select the open the Printer Properties option.
  • This will open the Printer Properties window; in the window, head over to the Sharing Tab. In the sharing tab, tick the Share this printer option and the Render print jobs on the client computer option below. Allow Printer Usage To Other Computers On A Shared Network
  • Now, in the Printer Properties window, head over to the security section and head over to the permissions to everyone section, and check whether print permission is allowed to everyone.

Once done, check if the operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) network printer still exists by trying to print or add the printer to the PC.

3] Check Host & Client PC Are on the Same Network

One of the most straightforward reasons for this issue is that the host and client PC are not on the same network or workgroup. Head to the open Windows Terminal (Admin) to check whether they are connected by right-clicking the Windows icon.

Then type net view in the terminal and press enter. This command will display the name of all the devices in the particular workgroup.

View All The PCs connected to a workgroup in Windows terminal

If they are not on the same network, then the shared printer error 0x00000709 Windows 11 occurs because of that. You must ensure they connect to the same network, which you can achieve by connecting to the same router via ethernet or WiFi.

4] Run Network Troubleshooters On Both PCs

Troubleshooters, an inbuilt utility in Windows, can easily save you from many errors. Troubleshooters will identify and automatically solve many errors for your Windows PC. Here’s how to run Network Troubleshooters to fix this issue:

  • Open the Windows setting by pressing the Windows+I keys on your keyboard and heading to the System tab.
  • In the System tab, scroll down to find the Troubleshooters option and then open Other Troubleshooters.
  • In Other Troubleshooters, Run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter.
  • Select all network adapters in the Network Adapter Troubleshooter window and proceed further. Run Network Troubleshooter to fix shared printer issues in Windows

Once done, reattempt the process, and the operation could not be completed error 709 printer should not occur anymore.

5] Assign Shared Printer A Fixed IP

Sometimes, a printer is not discoverable on a network for various reasons. You can assign a static IP address to the printer to solve this issue and then add this printer manually to the client computer with the same IP address. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Router Management page on your browser by entering the default gateway IP address. To find the default gateway IP for your router, Open the Windows terminal, type ipconfig, and hit enter.
  • Once in the router management, head over to the LAN section and DHCP server settings.
  • In the DHCP server settings, enable manual assignment, and select the device. Add your preferred IP address for the device and save changes.

Having a fixed IP for a printer is one of the best approaches. It ensures errors such as operation could not be completed error 0x709 double check the printer name does not happen when adding a printer to the computer.


Well, this was all for our article about fixing the Operation could not be completed error on printers on a shared network. Regularly checking network settings can help you avoid issues and errors during crucial work hours. If you manage a workgroup, look at important network and firewall settings.

You can also run the troubleshooter once weekly for a smooth sync between the computers in your workgroup. This should keep the operation could not be completed error 0x709 Windows 10 and Windows 11 sorted.

What Is The Difference Between A Networked Printer And A Shared Printer?

A Network printer is directly connected to the router, and multiple PCs and devices can directly issue print commands without having to be in a workgroup or a shared network.

However, in a Shared printer, the printer is connected to a host PC on a shared network or workgroup, and to issue print commands to it, all the PCs must be connected to the same network. A shared printer will only receive commands until the host PC is powered on and is connected to the network.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Printer Sharing?

To use a shared printer, all the devices need to be in a workgroup and shared network, which is a hassle. On top of all this, to use the printer, the devices need to install drivers separately. A shared printer is also difficult to set up because creating a workgroup is a hassle.


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