Fix Setup Incomplete Because of a Metered Connection in Windows 10

When downloading an application or an update, if you receive an error that says setup incomplete because of a metered connection in Windows 10, this post will help you resolve the problem.

What Is the Metered Connection?

Metered connection in Windows 10 is a feature that helps when you are on a limited data connection. For example, if you have connected to hotel WiFi or Mobile data with a limit, then a metered connection makes sure that you don’t run out.

Fix Setup Incomplete Because of a Metered Connection in Windows 10

The only way to resolve this problem is to turn off the metered connection settings. It will make sure there is no limit set on the upload and download, and none of the setups remain incomplete. The setting is specific to Wifi Adapter, so make sure to check for that if you have multiple ones.

  • Open Windows 10 Settings
  • Navigate to Network & Internet > Status
  • It should display the currently connected network with the Properties and Data usage button.Windows Settings Metered Connection
  • Click on the Properties button to reveal its settings
  • Scroll, and check for Metered connection label
  • Toggle off—Set as metered connection—option.
  • Close the window.

Once done, start downloading or resume the paused download.

Turn off metered connection using Windows Registry

Change Metered Connection Setting Registry

  • Open Run prompt using Win key + R
  • Type Regedit, and press Shift + Enter key together
  • In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\DefaultMediaCost
  • Select the DefaultMediaCost folder to reveal the keys inside it
  • On the left panel, double-click on the Ethernet DWORD to edit
  • Set the value as 1, and click ok.

If it is set to 2, you can set the ethernet connection as metered. The same applies to Wifi, and if you have a SIM in your laptop, you can change the 3G and 4G options.

Metered connection setting is there for a reason and comes in handy when you want to avoid any large data transfer on a limited network. It is possible it was turned on, or you may have done it and forgotten about it. I hope the post is informative enough to help you resolve the setup incomplete issue.


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