Fix: USB Keyboard Volume Keys Not Working on Windows 11/10

Some users have complained that their keyboard’s volume keys are unresponsive. Users of USB keyboards are primarily affected by this problem. Usually, the problem should typically be fixed after unplugging and replugging the USB keyboard. However, if that doesn’t work, this post will share solutions to fix the USB keyboard volume keys not working on Windows.

Possible Causes of the Problem

  • Outdated or corrupted keyboard driver: The USB keyboard driver could be outdated or corrupted.
  • Conflicting software or programs: Input from the keyboard to the device could be incompatible with third-party software.
  • Incorrect settings in Windows: The keyboard settings on Windows could be messed up or wrong.
  • Hardware Failure: There could be hardware issues with the USB port or keyboard.

USB Keyboard Volume Keys Not Working on Windows

Fix: USB Keyboard Volume Keys Not Working on Windows

Now that we know the possible reasons, here is a list of suggestions that can help you fix the USB Keyboard Volume Keys:

  1. Reconnect by Inserting the Keyboard Into a Different Port
  2. Troubleshoot the Volume Keys
  3. Check Human Interface Device (HID) Service Status
  4. Update, Uninstall, or Reinstall Keyboard Driver

You will need admin permission to execute these suggestions.

1] Reconnect by Inserting the Keyboard Into a Different Port

The first step is to unplug and replug your USB keyboard. If the problem persists after reconnecting, disconnect the keyboard from its original port and plug it into another port on the same PC or another working device. Next, test the functionality of the volume keys.

2] Troubleshoot the Volume Keys

This method will explain the steps to troubleshoot the problematic volume keys. Here is how to go about it:

  • Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
  • Click on System on the left pane, scroll down and click on the Troubleshoot option on the right.
  • System Troubleshoot
  • Click on Other troubleshooters.
  • Scroll down, find the Keyboard option and click on the Run button given next to it to troubleshoot the keyboard.Run Keyboard Troubleshooter

Follow the onscreen instruction to troubleshoot the keyboard.

3] Check Human Interface Device (HID) Service Status

The volume keys may stop working on Windows if the HID service stops for some reason. To resolve the problem, if it is valid, reactivate it.

  • Type Services into the Windows search bar and click on the result to open it.
  • Scroll down and locate the Human Interface Device. Right-click on it or double-click on it to open the Properties window.Windows HID Services
  • Click on the drop-down box next to Start type and choose the Automatic option. Click Apply and then OK to finish.Set HID Service Startup Type

If the HID service is already running and the issue still exists, you can try restarting it. Alternatively, uninstall HID service and restart the PC to allow it to reinstall itself.

4] Update, Uninstall, or Reinstall Keyboard Driver

As mentioned in the text above, a flaw in the keyboard drivers is most likely to blame for the volume key issue. You can therefore make some changes to the drivers to fix it.

  • Right-click on the Windows logo and click on the Device Manager option from the context menu.
  • On the Device Manager window, find and expand the Keyboards option.
  • Right-click on the keyboard driver and choose to Uninstall deviceUninstall Keyboard using Device Manager Keyboards

You can manually install the keyboard driver from the manufacturer’s website. Usually, Windows automatically identifies and reinstall your keyboard driver when you restart your computer. If it does not, you can manually check for hardware changes by navigating to Device Manager and selecting Scan for Hardware Changes from the context menu of the Keyboards option.

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If none of the keyboard’s keys respond, there might be a hardware problem. However, if the problem only affects the volume key, it might be a problem with the driver, Windows services, or system files.

So, to resolve the volume key not working issue, try all of the fixes mentioned above. It is advised to take the equipment to a qualified repair facility if it still does not function. There is a chance that it could be a hardware problem and that expert assistance would be required.


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