Fix Windows 7 virtual IPv6 interfaces ( Troubleshooting Pack )

While the world is still not ready for IPv6 Transitions but if you have started using it and because of some software  like ISATAP, 6to4, Teredo and IPHTTPs ( These are  IPv6 transition technologies virtual interfaces ) the whole thing has stopped working, Reset IPv6 is here to rescue.

This is a troubleshooting pack for Windows 7 similar to other troubleshooting packs which come along with Windows or are deployed through Fix It and can guide you through step by step to figure down the problem. One of the error as cited by the developer is “Failed to open tunnel adapter or Interface creation failure.” which is used by Windows 7 Direct Access.

Failed to open

Features of this tool :

  • In case you have vitual interfaces like Teredo, 6to4, IPHTTPS and ISATAP devices, they are all uninstalled.
  • Reset to ipv6 to deafult settings.
  • Runs Group Policy Updates.
  • It will restart your computer once issues is resolved so make sure your work is saved before running it.

Repair IPv6 Transition Technologies

Simulating the Error :

If you want to check if the tool will work or not because you do not have any error as of now, then run command prompt with admin privilage and run netsh interface teredo set state servername=”failed to open”. Then run this tool and it will find the issue and fix it.

Video Demo :Watch on YouTube

What kind of Errors you can face ?

  • The Link Local address is not available.
  • A router is not advertising itself as a default router.
  • A default route is not present on the host.
  • Address has unexpected interface identifier.
  • Off-link routes are in the routing table.
  • Ping fails Echo Request messages when specifying a link-local destination.
  • Unable to reach other 6to4 sites or the test Internet (6bone) by using the 6to4 router.
I would suggest you to further read on Diagnosis Connections on MSDN


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