Fixing and troubleshooting your computer with flow charts [ Unique ]

Lets say if all of a sudden your computer failes to start and you have no idea whats going on. At that very moment somebody gives you a flow chart , step by step options to find the problem with high chances that you would fix it if the problem is not very serious. Sounds Good right!! specially if you dont want to pay money for simple stupid problem which you can fix with your self. Lets look at the chart

So what do you think ? A nice guide which asks you simple questions and lets you take find out whats wrong and where. Not only this, you can click each of the boxes to see more pictures or information which will help you learn about that portion alone.

This unique concept is built by this new site I discovered lately. They call it Fixing  My computer where they have lot of charts prepared and images with nice explanation is availble. So if you have something like this better bookmark this site and get some print outs of these flow charts. This is definetly helpful.


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