Flash Text: Paste predefined texts to any application easily

We often come across scenarios where we want to enter a text, for example consider commenting on blogs, in such case, your name, your email address and the URL of your website is same, we have posted about a FF add-on which helps you to enter the text in these fields easily.

In fact not only commenting, there are several other activities which might need to enter a predefined text several times. Here is a nice application which could be very useful in such scenarios.

Flash Text, this small application is perfect solution for repeated text entries. All you need to do is once define the entries and later you can paste it as many times as you want in the particular filed. Like if you define your email address to be [email protected] next time you can enter your email address just by a click.

Setup file is around 600Kbs to download, later, once installed; you come across a window like this.

Once you are done with entering text values for different fields, you can start using the.

Flash Text can be launched by the hot keys (Ctrl+F8 by default, or you can choose to make your own, under the View>Options).

So next time suppose you want to enter your address somewhere, click on the field where you have to enter you address,  launch the Flash Text, type the entry name to search (if the set of predefined text is big, else you can access it directly), and simply double click the entry to get it pasted.

So go ahead and grab this tool, if entering the same text several times a day is part of your requirement.

Download Flash Text


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