Flickr Drive lets you browser Flickr accounts from Windows Explorer

After Federated Search of Flickr in the Windows 7 search now we have Flickr Drive, similar to SkyDrive Explorer, is a small application which brings picture of your Flickr Account into Windows Explorer. Once you install it it appears as another Windows Drive which lets you explore all pictures of the accounts which you add along with the Public Pictures like Today popular of Flickr.

The advnatge of using Flickr Drive is that you can edit your pictures with any editing software and save it and it will reflect the same into your Flickr Account.

I found this application working great but it does have some issues and sometimes crashes the Windows Explorer. So try installing with Admin Privilege which should minimize the issues. Also this application’s source code is availble if somebody would like to take a look and contribute into the same. Download Flickr Drive


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