Flip face down to mute your Android phone, Auto mutes while driving

There are times when you don’t want any type of distraction or disturbance, maybe as you are doing something important, sleeping or driving. No doubt, you can switch to silent mode by following some specific key-press or touch on your phone. Here is a quick way to instantly put your android phone on silent mode. RD Mute is a Free Android App, which allows you to do so.

Simply install and launch this app, now whenever you flip your phone’s face down, i.e. instead of keeping the phone screen upward, keep your phone as if the screen of the phone is the base. Here is a small video which will explain the RD Mute’s working, have a look.

Video Demo : Direct Link

The Car mode, as explained in the video as well, allows you to set speed, it uses GPS to keep track of your speed, and hence you can decide that at what speed your phone will enter into mute mode. There is also an option to send out an SMS to the caller, to tell him/her that you are in the car and driving and can’t receive a call.

Overall, the app is great. However only thing I wish is, if the SMS facility was available otherwise as well, as of now, the SMS can be sent only when your phone enters the mute mode via the Car mode, if the phone is set to mute by flipping upside down, SMS won’t be sent out.

Give RD Mute a try and share your views about it with us. | Visit the RD Mute Page @ Android Webstore

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