Free Android app: Fical, for Tax Estimation, EMI Calculator, etc.

Financial Year 2010-2011 is coming to an end; people are busy with tax estimation. HCL has come with a nifty tool to help you in this scenario, an app for Android devices, this free app is known as ‘Fical’. This app can be downloaded and installed on your Android device easily to get –

  • Tax Estimation
  • EMI Calculator
  • Cost of Living Calculator (calculate the cost of living after a certain period, considering 6% and 10% inflation)
  • Loan Reduction Plan
  • When I will become crorepati (an amazing feature which calculates how much do you need to save every month in order to become a Crorepati at certain age)

Simply install and run the app, you find all the options which have been enlisted above, have a look –

Free Android app to calculate tax India

Free Tax estimate app for Android

Free EMI calculator for Android

Free Android app Cost of living calculator

Loan payment calculator free android app

When will I become Crorepati on Fical Free android app

Tax Estimation is done for financial year 2010-2011, based upon Indian Income Tax Act 1961, and uses most frequently used Incomes and savings. Hence as far as Loan estimate is concerned this app is limited to Indian residents only, but all the other features work on manually entered data, hence can be used anywhere, by anybody.

Download and Install ‘Fical’ from the market.


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