Free Android app gives Local News, Deals, Weather and more [India only]

Here is an awesome Android app, a must-have, especially if you are in India. Free Android app to keep you updated about everything in IndiaThis app named as “TaazzaGO for India” is actually an application which keeps you updated on Local News, any special Deals, the weather and information about places like Restaurants, Pubs, etc. along with the exact location and contact information, etc.

Simply download this app on your Android device, and later it will use the GPS to get your location, and if in case it couldn’t it will allow you to manually search your location on the map, once done with this you are all set to get all the recent updates for the selected location. You can browse through News, Places, Deals (from snapdeal, dealsandyou, etc.), City News, or have a quick weather forecast as well. Have a look at some of the snapshots of the app –

Free Android app keeps you updated comprehensively for deals, news, places, weather for India.jpg

Free Android app gives Local News, Deals, Weather and more [India only]

“TaazzaGO for India” is an amazing app, I have been using it lately, and I love using it, this is a good way to stay updated about the things happening around you in India. Also, the Deals feature helps you to never miss an awesome deal, as this is something we all keep looking for, isn’t it? Also, if you don’t reside in India, but you are in India for a short trip, this app is worth installing on your device.

So, grab “TaazzaGO for India”, try it out and share your views about it with us.

Visit the “TaazzaGO for India” page @ Android Market Webstore

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