Free Android app helps you monitor electricity, gas and water consumption

MeterReading-free is an Android app which allows you to keep an eye on the consumption of electricity, gas and water, or we can even say that this free Android app helps you to keep track of the consumption of anything which has a meter to show the current reading.

The working principle of MeterReading-free is simple; all it does is, asks you to create a profile, like once you install the app, you can use the ‘Create’ tab to create a profile for say your Electricity Consumption. Later, use the ‘Meter Reading’ tab and enter the meter reading of your electricity meter.

Once you have entered 2-3 readings, you can have a look at the consumptions graph, using the ‘Graph’ tab. Here are some of the snapshots of MeterReading-free.

Free Android app helps you monitor electricity, gas and water consumption

Free Android app to view the consumption graph of Electricity Water or Gas

Snapshot shown here as the consumption graph has been taken from the app page.

Now, how does this tracking help you?  It’s simple, having a graphical representation view of anything makes it simple to visualize the consumption, and hence becomes more manageable. Isn’t it, like if you have a visual representation of the files occupying most of your disk drives, it would be simpler to manage, and make space for some new data, isn’t it?

If you too want to keep track of your Electricity, Gas or Water consumption, download the MeterReading-free on your device now.

Visit the MeterReading-free page @ Android Market Webstore


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