Free Android app saves you from making Accidental Calls

This is something we all have faced at some point of time, sometimes what happens is, you accidentallyFree Android app saves you from making Accidental Calls make a call from your phone, either while playing around with your phone, or maybe you want to call your friend, say ‘A’ but accidentally you make a call to the person whose name appears next to ‘A’ in your phonebook. I am sure by now, this would have reminded you of accidental calls you made, if not many, at least few of them.

Here is a Free Android app, named as ‘Call Confirm’ which helps you to avoid any accidental calls. All it does is, before the number is dialed, or we can say before your phone starts trying to call that number, it asks for a final confirmation from you.

Here is a small video which will show you the working of Call Confirm, have a look.

Watch it on YouTube

Well, this definitely is a great way of avoiding accidental calls, but if you haven’t been victim to those accidental calls, this could even be bit irritating, so  make a choice looking at your old records, if you have made some accidental calls, this is a perfect app for you.

Visit the Call Confirm app from the Android Market

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