Free Android app updates you when a celebrity is spotted near you

Here is an application for Android powered phones, which delivers updates you about a celebrity spotted near your location. This app is from the, which provides updates based upon the status messages posted on Facebook and Twitter. It’s like when somebody spots a celebrity, he/she updates the same on Twitter or Facebook, and works as the bridge, and delivers this update on the website.

Now, here is the free Android app, named as JustSpotted, this app gets your location first, and keeps delivering you real time updates about the celebrity spotted in your location.

Here are the snapshots of the app –

Free Android app updates you when a celebrity is spotted near you

As the snapshots show, you can see the list of celebrities spotted near you, later you can tap on any of the update, and check out the details about it; also you can have a look at the updates on global level.

This could be helpful if somehow your celebrity is spotted pretty close to your current location, may be you rush and get a glimpse of your favorite star, which matters a lot if you are a huge fan of someone, isn’t it? However the app would have been much better if there was an option to set alerts, like where you could set an alert for some specific celebrity, and the app could notify you if the celebrity was near your location, isn’t it? I hope JustSpotted developers are listening.

So, go ahead and grab this app, keep your fingers crossed may be you get to see someone soon. I have installed it, and waiting for my favorite stars to be somewhere close enough to me someday.

Visit the JustSpotted page in the Android Market.

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  1. I don’t think I would get much use out of this app. However, for people who like this sort of thing, it could be a hit. I agree about the alerts. It would have made a good addition. Hope you get to see a celeb soon! 😉

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