Free Android application helps to locate nearby washrooms/public toilets

We often find ourselves in a scenario where we need to use a washroom but somehow we have no idea about the nearest public toilet or the washroom, and if in case we are not able to find one immediately the situation only worsens with every passing minute (or we should say with every passing second), isn’t that true? Well here is a free Android application, named as Toilet/Bathroom Finder, which can really help you, provided that a public toilet has been spotted and already reported in the vicinity.

How the Toilet/Bathroom Finder works –

The application, Toilet/Bathroom Finder first gets your position via the GPS, and later it checks for a public toilet in the surrounding, now the availability of the public toilet in the vicinity is totally dependent upon the database build up on the basis of user feedback (how?, we will come to that later). If you are lucky enough, you will soon get to know about the nearest toilet, and also you get a quick overview, like the exact address, distance from your current location, and you also get to know if using this toilet is free or the paid one, if the toilet is equipped with proper arrangements so that a physically challenged person can use it, and a rating on a 5 star scale. If you choose, the application can also show you the location of this toilet on the map.

How can you help the Toilet/Bathroom Finder users –

If you happen to spot a public toilet at any location, you can launch this application, and check out if the toilet is being displayed by the application, else you can walk to the toilet, so that the GPS is able to locate the exact location, later you can ‘Report a toilet’, which is like a form, fill it up, it won’t take much of your time. This way you will help someone who is desperately searching for a public toilet in the area.

It is quite possible that somebody might end up reporting a toilet on a location which has nothing to do with a toilet, in such case if you find the application reporting a toilet which doesn’t exist; you can report the toilet as missing.

However, there is something which is weird about the ‘Reporting a toilet’ feature of this app, i.e. first it directs you to be as close as possible to the toilet, so that the application can mark the exact location on the map, later it asks you to enter the address of the toilet, both these things when combined together don’t make much sense, it’s like –

  • Quite possible that I am on a location whose exact address is not known to me, so, in such case I shouldn’t opt to report a toilet?
  • And if I am at the closest point with respect to the location of the toilet (may be even in the toilet), then why do I need the address, isn’t the map alone enough to locate it exactly?

I think, this entering the address while reporting a toilet should be removed. Hope the developers are listening.

Here are some of the snapshots of the Toilet/Bathroom Finder, have a look –

Free Android application helps to locate nearby washrooms

If you are professional who has to travel a lot, this is a must have application on your Android device, make it a point to have it installed.

Download and install the Toilet/Bathroom Finder from the Android Market


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