A free application for drawing some awesome Diagrams and Graphs

Dia is a dedicated application for drawing different types of Diagrams, Graphs, Network Diagrams, Entity-Relationship diagrams, Flowcharts, UML diagram etc.

A setup file of 12.2Mb is to be downloaded, and when installed you can start drawing the diagrams. The interface is quite simple; anybody who has used imaging tools can easily start using Dia.


Once done with diagram creation (off course not like I did in the animation above, lol), you can export it to any extension from the huge list of available file formats, as shown below.

File export options

I am very bad at such kind of things like drawing diagrams and all, but Dia seems to be efficient enough, and if someone has a clear idea of what is to be made, its damn easy to produce something worth using this application.

There are several other features which need to be explored, so if you are involved into some kind of diagram drawing, this is the Tool for you, Go grab it!!!

Do tell us your experiences, if you happen to utilize this tool.  Download Dia

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