Free application to count the number of left and right mouse clicks

Here is a free application, Mouse Clickr, which counts the number of mouse clicks, i.e. once launched; this tiny application keeps track of total left and right mouse clicks. Mouse Clickr has a very simple interface, just run the Mouse Clickr.exe found in the downloaded rar file, and starts counting the clicks.

Have a look at this animation below –

Free Application to count the left and right mouse clicks independently

For some reason, this never minimized to tray for me, but otherwise the Mouse Clickr works perfectly fine.

I don’t know why would somebody need this application, what is the use of counting mouse clicks? Any idea? However  give it a shot by launching the application at the start of your day, and get back to it at the end of the day, and you will definitely be amazed to see the number of clicks you made through out the day. Do share your counts with us, it would be fun.

Download Mouse Clickr


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