Free Dictionary apps for Android [Compared and Tested]

If you are one of those people who keep on referring to the dictionary, instead of guessing the meaning of unknown words or somehow you are interested in making your vocabulary richer by finding out the exact meaning of every word you encounter on daily basis, you will definitely like to have some dictionary app on your Android mobile device as well. Here is list of Free Dictionary Apps for Android devices with small reviews. All of them are free.

Urban Dictionary

Probably the best dictionary app for Android, it has almost everything you ever wanted in any dictionary app.  Whatever be your concern in terms of meanings of English words, it does it all.

The buttons being displayed at the bottom, namely, ‘Daily’, ‘Random’ allow you to learn words, Starred’, and ‘History’ allow you to have a look up to the words  you saved by making them starred and the history thing is browsing through your previous look ups.

My Views about the app –

Definitely a great app, though it serves all your needs as far as a dictionary usage is concerned, however an in-built thesaurus, and audible pronunciation would have been a great enhancements.

It can be downloaded from the market, by searching for ‘Urban Dictionary’. app for Android

This one is an app from the popular online dictionary resource,, it has all the features you get on the website, i.e. word lookup, thesaurus, and the popular ‘Word of the Day’ feature.

Word lookup gives you the meaning of word and also the features like related forms, pronunciation; also the small blue speaker button allows you to listen to the exact pronunciation of the word instantly.

My Views about the app –

Perfect dictionary app, fetches everything online, doesn’t need much of storage space, so requires the connection, ‘Word of the Day’ feature is great for people looking for improving on their Vocabulary, however this limits to learning one word every day.

It can be downloaded from the market, by searching for ‘’.

Free Dictionary

This too is an awesome dictionary app, works pretty well, talking about the features, it gives you word lookup, Google search can be launched for any word in one touch, and the history feature.

My Views about the app –

As far as your aim is only word lookup, this app is great. Fully online – no worries of storage space.  Icon for pronunciations exists, but doesn’t seem to be working.

It can be downloaded from the market, by searching for ‘Free Dictionary’.

All the three apps we discussed till now are online options, here is one more option which needs to store the database locally, i.e. you will have to download the word-meaning list to your phone.

Color Dict

Nice dictionary app for Android devices, as the meanings are fetched locally, works faster as compared to the previously discussed apps. Once you install the Color Dict to your device, you need to manually download the dictionary package you need, there are several available options, also like English – Chinese, Spanish – English, Japanese – English etc.

Color Dict also has couple of dictionary add-ons like Wikipedia add-on (to fetch relevant data from Wikipedia) and Translate and Dictionary add-on (uses Google translate to translate word and later find the meaning).

Also it has the ‘Settings’ button, which allows you to customize the look and feel of this app for yourself.

My Views about the app –

Perfect for heavy usage, several available packages make it multilingual too, as mentioned previously too, fastest among all the apps discussed here. The only issue seems to be involved with this app is storage space.

It can be downloaded from the market, by searching for ‘ColorDict’.

These were the apps I tried out, will keep updating this post as I come across more Dictionary apps for Android Devices. So, go ahead and make a choice, share your views about the apps with us, also share that which one did you like most.


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