Free Doodle App for iPad / iPhone : Kids will love them

Yesterday as soon as I got my iPad out, My son was on it. He loved the response of the touch he was getting at no phone at home now. So to take his experience one step ahead I found this free app, Doodle Buddy which works for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

This app is pretty simple and straight. Use your fingers one or even all four to start drawing like you had been kid, remember the magic sketch board where we used to draw and erase all the time ? This is what exactly doodle is but we got more stuff.

Anant Doodle

Features of Doodle Buddy :

  • Supports Brush, Chalk, Glitter, Smudge and Eraser for drawing.
  • Choose the size of your drawing pen.
  • Funny Stamps which makes noises when you stamp the. Every kid will love it.
  • Use already available pictures as background or add yours. Good if you want to make somebody look funny.

Doodle Pen Picker

Doodle Stamp

Doodle Picture Frame

Doodle My Picture

The drawbacks which I see are, One when you change layout for iPad from vertical to Horizontal, the images don’t change the layout.So if you want to doodle a landscape version you need a photo according to it. And secondly no draft mode or auto save. If you exit the application accidentally your work is lost.

Doodle Buddy Issue

One big Advantage is You can change background image without disturbing your doodle. Good way to see if your drawing fits another picture. Download Doodle Buddy from iTunes


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