Free Download Auto or Car Repair Manuals

Car repairs are a tedious process. There is always a wide range of components and complexities that cannot be figured out until one has the proper documents at their disposal. Be it heading to a mechanic or fixing the car for yourself. Manuals come in handy to estimate costs or to fix the car yourself. There are a bunch of websites that provide Auto or car repair manuals for almost every prominent model out there. In this article, we will learn about a few websites to download auto or car repair manuals.

Free Download Auto or Car Repair Manuals

Free Download Auto or Car Repair Manuals

In this article section, we will look at five websites where you can download auto or car repair manuals for free. These websites host thousands of manuals each and have some features to offer on top of each other. Please make sure that you check all of them out for free auto repair manuals.

  1. All Car Manuals
  2. Car Manuals Hub
  3. Only Manuals
  4. Autodoc Club
  5. Online Repair Manuals

These websites host PDFs for cars like the 2000 Toyota Hilux, Mitchell, and others. So if you have been wondering where to download free car repair manuals, you have your answers.

1] All Car Manuals

Allcarmanuals comAll Car Manuals is one of the oldest websites for free auto or car repair manuals. The website features a very easy-to-use interface and provides pdf repair manuals for a wide range of autos and cars from almost every prominent manufacturer. Not only that, you can browse the manuals manufacturer-wise or can directly search the Auto or car name. The website is responsive and works on every device.


  • Comprehensive collection of auto and car manuals
  • Easy navigation with a user-friendly interface
  • Manuals are available in PDF format for easy download and offline access


  • May not have manuals for newer brands and automobiles
  • Lacks additional resources

Visit All Car Manuals

2] Car Manuals Hub

Carmanualshub comCar Manuals Hub serves as a solid repository of car and repair manuals online free. The website has a plain interface and categorizes manuals by their manufacturer names. You can also search for a specific car and auto manual using the search bar on the website. Along with the manuals, you can also download fault codes for most manuals available on the website. Car Manuals Hub also served auto operation guides, feature manuals, workshop manual pdf,  factory auto repair manuals, free service manual downloads, and more.


  • Simple and clutter-free website design
  • Well-categorized manuals make it easier to find them
  • Simple and clutter-free website design


  • Some manuals may require user email to be downloaded
  • Manuals may be outdated

Visit Car Manuals Hub

3] Only Manuals

Onlymanuals comOne of the most well-polished and feature-packed websites on the list, only manuals feature various manuals from multiple manufacturers. It also features manuals from popular manufacturers in Asian countries as well. The site has a well-polished interface, and users can look up manuals manufacturer-wise or name-wise. For each car, users can find manual categories by model year. Before the free car repair manuals pdf download, the user can preview the complete manual, which saves time.


  • Feature-packed and clean interface
  • Wide variety of manufacturers and models.
  • Manuals categorized by year.


  • Users may need to pay to access manuals for specific models.
  • Some manuals may be outdated.

Visit Only Manuals

4] AutoDoc Club

AutoDoc Car Manuals And TutorialsAutodoc Club is the most detailed and comprehensive library of car and auto repair resources. It not only provides the users with manuals but also very detailed tutorials and even videos for basic and advanced car and auto repairs. The website provides tutorials to specific components, models, and makes. It serves as a one-stop solution for all the information you’ll need to repair your car.


  • Diverse resources, from manuals, tutorials, tips, and much more.
  • Very polished and interactive user interface.
  • Vast collection of manuals.


  • It might provide universal or generic manuals and tutorials for specific models.
  • Certain manufacturers May not have a lot of models

Visit AutoDoc Club

5] Online Repair Manuals

Onlinerepairmanuals comOnline Repair Manuals is yet another website featuring a vast array of manuals and guides from different manufacturers, models, and makes. The website not only provides repair manuals for cars and automobiles but also provides users with OBD II codes. The interface is polished and easy to use, with a vast selection of manufacturers and models. The website currently holds 360k manuals for more than 2.4k cars. With this extensive database, you can free download vehicle repair manuals of any popular car or auto.


  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Provides OBD II codes as well
  • Extensive database of manuals and OBD II codes


  • Some prominent manufacturers may not have been covered

Visit Online Repair Manuals


Owning a car does not only mean driving it but also being able to repair it and knowing its functions thoroughly to prevent any mishaps. Having access to the repair manuals of your car can prove to be crucial in times of distress. In this article, we learned how to download auto or car repair manuals. We hope you found the article to be helpful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone who needs the car manuals free downloads.


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