Free Download Cartoon Halloween Wallpaper ( Evil and Wicked )

Halloween falls on Sunday, October 31 this year and kids must be already excited. Here are few wallpapers which are cartoonish and animated you might like to put up on your desktop this weekend. Happy Halloween!!. Also check out Scary Halloween Wallpapers and Windows 7 Theme on it.

Mystic Women with Wicked Flying Mouse :

She looks some kind of witch creating wicked mouse in a forest.

Mystic Women with Wicked Flying Mouse


When Devils knock your gate for Trick or Treat

Devil at doorstep : Trick or Treat


Beautiful Halloween Witch :

Beautiful Halloween Witch


The Pumpkin Head Man : This pumpkin head man stands on a grave or did he came out of grave on Halloween ?

Halloween Pumpkin Man


The Witch-hunter Mary and the bloody bear :

The Witch hunter Mary and the bloody bear


Devil Hair Doll

Devil Hair Doll Halloween


Playing Flute on Halloween Pumpkin :

Playing Flute on Halloween Pumpkin


The Halloween Witch Hat :

Showcases a flying Halloween hat with pumpkins around and a spooky house lit my moon in the background.

Halloween Hat


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