Free Download In Vitro Full Glass theme for Windows 7

In this Windows 7 Theme post, we are talking about Full Glass theme for Windows 7. These themes make almost everything fully transparent on your Windows 7. You can see through almost all the windows, have a look at these snapshots below. Yes, it gives a full glass effect.

Full Glass Theme For Windows 7 Free Download


Free Full Glass theme for Windows 7

  • Glass Onion Theme
  • Aero VG Theme
  • Wishful Dream Theme
  • Black Transparent Theme

Glass Onion Theme

While Onion has nothing to do with it, the theme offers three visual styles:: Dusk, Dawn and Noon. It supports for top, bottom and left taskbar, two different fonts: Windows default Segoe UI font and smaller Calibri font.

Glass Onion Theme Windows 7



Aero VG Theme

“AeroVG Se7en” theme provides excellent transparency in Taskbar, Start menu, Explorer, etc. It also changes lots of visual things like menubar, progress bar and much more.

Aero VG Theme for Windows 7


Wishful Dream Theme

This theme comes in Green, Blue, And Dark green colors. All of them mix well with the Windows and edges. What is unique about this theme is that both dark and light wallpapers go well with the theme.

Wishful Dream Windows 7 Theme

Black Transparent Theme

Need a transparent theme but cannot stay away from the love of Black Themes then this is what you need. This combines the combination of black shades with transparency mixed so you still feel good.

Black transparent theme

Also, check out our awesome collection of Transparent Theme  & have a look at all the Free Windows 7 Themes.


  1. @mmg1818 I didnt get you, well, the Theme worked fine for me, it has everything that is required to successfully install it, the snapshots used in this post are the ones taken from my system.

  2. Does this version work well with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, OneNote etc? I’m using ” Full Glass theme for Windows 7″ not these version yet. If anyone has experience please share.


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