Free Download Surfing Theme for Windows 7

Microsoft has released yet another Sports Theme for Window 7 and this time its surfing the waves on the mighty ocean. This theme has  brilliant high definition wallpaper along with sound scheme will take you to the sea shores, sea birds and the cool waves. You will get to hear one as soon as you install the theme, just loved that one.

The wallpapers clearly say how brilliant the photography is done. One of the wallpaper captures the stunning moment where the surfer is wrapped up in wave while the other catches the sunset view as the surfer enjoys the ocean. In case you just want the wallpaper, try this trick.

Sunset Surfing theme for windows

Surfing theme for windows

The colour scheme also changed to ocean green on the darker side  just to match up everything. If you love surfing this is a must have theme for you. Also check out the Winter Ice Surfing Theme


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