Free download various Excel Templates

We have posted about budgeting templates in Microsoft Excel, here is another resource which has several Excel templates and are available for free download.

I recently came across this awesome blog, Pointy Haired Dilbert, which could be your one stop solution if you are interested in Learning Excel and Charting Online.

Apart from several tips and tricks, Pointy Haired Dilbert has loads of Excel Templates which can be downloaded for free.

There are several templates –

  • Excel Calendar for Year 2009 and beyond.
  • Executive Dashboards – Excel Training.
  • Gantt Chart Template.
  • Using Data Filters as Chart Filters.
  • Dynamic Charts using Form Controls.
  • Apartment Expense Sharing using Excel.
  • Thermometer Chart Template, Etc.

So go ahead and download templates to enhance your productivity and also as I said above, if you want to learn charting and MS Excel, visit this blog and keep visiting.

Download Excel Templates at Pointy Haired Dilbert


  1. @Manav.. thanks for such a nice review of the site.

    To the readers of Technospot, you will get a free e-book with 95 excel and charting tips when you sign up for the PHD (Pointy Haired Dilbert) news letter.


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