Free Download Windows 7 Gadgets to display disk activity, space etc.

Here is a list of three gadgets for your Windows 7 PC, these gadgets display the Disk Activity and Disk space available on your local disks (including the CD/DVD), and a CPU / Memory meter.

Have a look at the snapshots of the all three gadgets.

Windows 7 Gadgets to display Disk Activity, Disk Space and a CPU Monitor

  • CPU / Memory meter displays the information like status of battery, RAM, etc.
  • Disk Activity, shows the status of activities being performed on the Disks.
  • Disk Space shows you the Free Space available on every Disk, and also features a ‘Eject CD’ button to directly open your CD/DVD drive.

So, if you somehow for any reason you want these information handy, go ahead and get either all three of them, or maybe one or two of these gadgets.

Download UsefulGadgets. | If you want all this information to be displayed on your Screensaver, you can try UsefulSaver.


  1. @Gaurav, yes brother you can easily monitor all the things easily, also this seems to be the easiest way.

    @narinder singh Thanks a lot 😀 Keep visiting us regularly, nice to know that our posts are helpful to you.


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