Free Download : Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows Vista and XP

If you already tried  Free Windows 7 themes and styles for Vista , you can now go ahead and try changing the login screen or Logonscreen and make it just like Windows 7 login screen.

For Windows Vista

Windows7 login screen for Vista and XP
Windows7 login screen for Vista and XP

This logonscreen is developed by pugalengthi and you can find the download link at this page. However you will need to install  logonvista to look like this and u need to replace basebrd.dll file…

  • Download file
  • Install Logonvista
  • Load the logon which is in the rar file
  • Take permission for basebrd.dll 4m c:windowsbrandingbasebrdbasebrd.dll
  • Replace with the given dll
  • Logout and see the changes

For Windows Xp

Similar to this RaulWindows created a Logon screen for Windows Xp which is like WIndowx 7 logon screen. You can download the file from here

Windows 7 pdc2008 logon
Windows 7 pdc2008 logon

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and then look for an exe with name LOGINUI. This file has to replace the default LOGINUI.EXE file which is present in your SYSTEM32 folder of Windows Directory.


  1. @asvestomix Because you’re 13 and you’re not the actual administrator, you’re just looking for a way around the block.

  2. Hi, does anyone know this? In the folder I only see logonui.exe but not loginui.exe! Is the two same or different?


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