Free Download Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7 ( Video )

Windows 8 Look and Feel will be similar to Windows Phone 7 User Interface which will bring the most important thing on top of your desktop. Consider this as better places UI running widgets which you use most e.g. Outlook, Calendar, Facebook Updates, RSS feeds, Skype etc.

We have three themes here :

  • Omnimo
  • Mosaic
  • NewGen

Omnimo Theme

Group at Omnimo has released Windows 8 Theme which can be applied to Windows 7 to get the same look and feel and this is how Windows 8 will look when installed on Windows 7.

Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7

Video Demo on How to Install these theme :

Direct Link

How to install Windows 8 Theme on Windows 7

  • Download Rainmeter and Windows 8 Theme from here
  • First install Rainmeter and run it for the first time. This is required else when you install any theme based on Rain meter, it will not work.
  • Choose the default setup options when asked.
  • Next unzip the Omnimo theme and look for a file which says SETUP.rmskin
  • Double click and it will restart rainmeter.
  • Next you will get options to select Resolution, Language, Theme ( Choose Windows 8 UI ).
  • Once installed you should see the Metro Interface like we see in the image.

Omnimo Windows 8 Theme options

What is this theme exactly ?

The best part of this theme or rather User Interface is that it does not change anything on your computer or system files. It is more like a layer over your Desktop running lot of Widgets.

  • These widgets can be configured by you i.e. Add, Remove or change the options.
  • When you mouse hover the widgets or panels you get option for all the operations possible.
  • Some Panels can be resized.

Configuration Options for Panels

  • You can add more panels by clicking on the Arrow Button. All you need is to click and the panel will appear over the user interface. Drag and fit into a particular slot.

Windows 8 UI Panels

How to Download More Panels :

Ominimo has a lot of panels available for free. In fact it is available as a pack in various category e.g.  Fun, Premium, Pictures, Maps and Weather, Designer etc. You can download them from here

Windows 8 Panels

Just to make it clear, this is very stable release and will not crash your computer and since its runs on top of anything and does not change any settings or the default Windows 7 Theme, you will love to turn it on at your will and off.

Via Compixels

Mosaic Theme for Windows 7

This is yet another UI which emulates Windows 8 Metro theme. Its called as Masaic Theme. It comes with set of executable and pre installed widgets which can be turned on or off.  Below is a video on how to install and use it followed by feature list :

Direct Link

  • Windows 8 Metro like Side Control Panel to install Widgets.
  • Option to Pin Websites and Application as Widgets.
  • Windows 8 Like Lock screen which displays Date and Time.
  • You can run this on full screen and use Desktop Widget to switch. Desktop Widget gives you live preview of files on desktop.
  • The Widgets can drag and dropped at were on the screen. When you drag, you will get a gird like structure which will help you place the widget.
  • The default widgets can be closed only from control panel while widgets like Websites can be closed with a right click.
  • Some of the widgets are like shortcuts while some come with options.
  • It supports WPF and HTML(5) widgets

Download from here

Newgen Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7

Newgen Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7

Features :

  • Windows 8 Like Metro App Look and Feel
  • Settings Section which allows you to change Widgets, Colours, Start Oobe, background transparency etc.
  • Windows 8 like Charm bar which includes sharing.


  1. Sir,

    Can you tell me how to set a restore point in windows 7 home basic service pack 1

    I was but it was showing error(0x810002202)

    plz help sir

  2. Okay so if you have Omnimo hit the little plus button and then the ‘Extras’ tab. From there you will want to click the 6th box from the top. This will give you the option to show or hide the desktop. Not sure if this is what you were trying to do but it was all I could think of. Good luck!

  3. theres no link that shows the download sign of the omnimo theme how can i download it sir? i already installed the rainmeter. thank you.

  4. nice nice….. omnino is good… simple…. I suggest follow well the instruction.. and bdw the quick access is just on the right side wether you hide it or not… nice work…..


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