Free Download Windows Phone 7 Themes and Skins

Customization of look and feel rules and its time for Windows Phone 7 users to download some  Free Windows Phone 7 Themes and Skins for Windows Phone. Remember this works on Windows Mobile Phone and Not on WP7 Phones.

To start with, XDA Develeoper Trekfan422991, has released a fresh new set Skins iContact and iDialer for Windows Phone 7 which replaces how the contact list and dialing screen looks. The skins work for (W)VGA and W(Q)VGA .

To Install :

The iContact skin: Download the attachment called “wp7 black.png”and put it under the [ \program files\iContact\ ] folder and select it under icontact settings…

The iDialer : Download the attachment called “wp7bblack.png and rename it “default.png” and replace it with the one in the program folder

Windows Phone 7 Explorer Skin :

The same guy has developed a skin for Explorer in Windows Phone 7. To install download zip file and extract folder “VGA” and replace the one in the program folder under \throttle explorer\skins\default.

Download Both of them from here


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