Free Flashlight app for Android, also has Police Lights and Warning Lights

We often use our mobile phones as a light source in darkness; this is often required in case of power failure. Here is a free Android app; ‘Tiny Flashlight + LED’ which when installed is very helpful in getting a constant source of light. This application can help you to get light just like a torch or a flashlight, also it can mimic police light, electric bulb light, a warning light.

Once installed the app ‘Tiny Flashlight + LED’, launch the app, and you come across an interface which has a large ‘Power’ button, by default, tapping this will turn on the camera flash, to switch it off, tap again. There is a small button on the upper-right corner, use it to get other options, like the Police Light, Warning Light, Electric Bulb, etc.

Here are some of the screenshots of the Tiny Flashlight + LED –

Free Flashlight app for Android, also has Police Lights and Warning Lights

The app is compatible with most of the Android devices, to see the full list you can have a look at the Tiny Flashlight + LED page in the Android Market.

Tiny Flashlight + LED is definitely a must have for you, if your place often undergoes Power failure for some reason.

Visit the Tiny Flashlight + LED page to install it on your device.

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  1. I Actually DO use this , helps me in “Light Painting”

    Example -> , Love this app :0

  2. @Kuntal, Awesome pic bro, glad to know that you like the app 🙂

  3. Thanks , though I am out of stock for Good Smilies , India Ki Dardnaak Haalat Dekhke 🙁

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