Dhingana iPad version is out

Dhingana is one of the popular site where you can listen to all the latest Bollywood and Hindi music and their App on iTunes is now upgraded for iPad also which was only available for iPhone and iPad users had to use the ugly zoom feature.

Features of this Music App :

  • Listen to latest Hindi and Bollywood music over Wifi or if you have 3g you can use that. However that will be costly.
  • The songs keep on playing in the background so you can use any other app while playing this in background.
  • Get access to Top Songs based on Type like Oldies, Latest, Pop, Remixes.
  • You can also listen to regional music in Tamil, Sanskrit, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhangra, Bhojpuri and Braj.
  • If you create account with them, you can create your playlist and keep adding songs there.
  • You can also listen to any other users playlist if they have shared it publicly.
  • Any song can be directly added to your Playlist.
  • Integrated search by Album, Song Name, and Playlist.
  • Since Dhingana is not just place to listen to music but is a social community for Music lovers, you get to rate songs which is seen by others.
  • All the playlist, favorites which you create here is synced with your online account and synced back to iPad.

Dhingana Player for iPad

The app is free of cost but they do display advertisement on top and bottom of  the app which is not intrusive and since most of the time you will not keep looking at the app but run it in background, you will not worry about it much.

I had used this app since I have the iPad and probably the best music app for latest music and oldies as well. If you don’t want to download music but just listen, this is  a must have app for you. Download it from here.


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