Free Procedural Drawing Tool

Harmony is a free Procedural Drawing tool, you can draw some lovely patterns, and designs using it, which you can later use in many ways, like it can be used as wallpaper on your desktop, you can design some free hand logos for your website, or even you can print it to be used as a letter pad etc.

Harmony free Procedural Drawing tool

As shown in the snapshot above, you can choose a type of pattern from the drop down menu, and pressing the ‘Shift’ key will allow you to access the color palette.

Harmony utilizes the fact that sketchy, shaded, chrome, fur, long fur and web are all variations of the neighboring points connection concept. It allows you to draw lovely drawings, I especially loved the ribbon tool, and here is a snapshot of a drawing created using the ribbon and grid tool in Harmony.

Drawing done with Harmony

Once you are done with drawing, you can click on the ‘SAVE’ button and the image is opened in a new tab, there you can right-click on the image and download it, later use it the way you want.

Try Harmony, it is a lovely tool, you will love playing around with it.

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  1. Hi! First I want to thank you very much for your great app, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It’s amazing! Recently I’ve been having a problem: when I want to draw, the drawing appears at the left of my screen. Can you help me please? Thank you


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