Free tool to Merge and Split PDF files online

Merging multiple PDF files in one, and splitting a PDF files in multiple PDF files (based upon various splitting parameters) is often required while dealing with PDF files. There are several tools which allow you to deal effectively with PDF files. Here is a set of two online tools, named as iPDF2Merge and iPDF2Split.

User interface for both the tools is damn simple, when you want to merge two PDF files in one, all you need to do is, locate both the PDF files, and later decide on the merging order, i.e. either in the order of uploading, or based upon file names.

Free online tool to Merge two PDF files in one

And in order to Split a PDF file, you need to locate the file and later decide on the splitting parameter, i.e. you can select either to Burst (i.e. make a PDF file for every page), Range (decide on the page range), Odd/Even (split in a way so that all the odd pages make one PDF file, and the even ones contribute for another PDF file).

Free online tool to Split a PDF file

I tried testing both these tools, and everything worked perfect for me, so, if you need to Mrge and Split PDF files often, bookmark these tools in your browser and enjoy the free PDF tools. Moreover they don’t need any registration or login like formalities, so you can easily Merge and Split, instantaneously.

Try the tools –


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