Free tool to merge / split PDF Files

Merging PDF files is not so common because when we create PDF files we generally do it from one single source of file. However sometimes when while surfing on net you find set of related PDF documents which you would like to combine into one file, ArduoPdfMerger Is a good option.

Also this pdf tool can split files which I see as more usable feature, Specially when we want to show only a part of PDF to anybody hiding rest of the pages.

This software lets you select any number of PDF files and then combine into one or split the files into any number of files according to page numbers.

Merge pdf files

We brute tested it with 50MB of PDF Files and the result was

  • It takes some time on pre processing the document. But thats probably required so as to speed up the best way to split up.
  • Merging Files was pretty easy

However the splitting did not work fine. It comes as on option when you pick a pdf file but then nothing happened. Any body else want to try ?  Via Nirmal

Split pdf files

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