Freebie Notes: A combo of Sticky and Reminder

I often forget things, and this has seldom landed me in some miserable scenarios. To avoid this, I have been using sticky, my cupboard, mirror, refrigerator etc. has several sticky and hence my desktop too has a couple of them which gets edited often.

I recently came across this small application, which is an ultimate combination of Sticky and Alarm Reminder.

Freebie Notes is an awesome piece of software, which has both the features as said above.

Setup can be downloaded as a zip files and is smaller than 2Mbs in size.

Once unzipped and installed, you get to see this toolbar for Freebie Notes floating adjacent to the tray.

Using the very first button on this toolbar allows you to create a new note.

While adding a note, Freebie Notes allows you to create a fully customized note, you can –

  • Customize the font, indent etc.
  • Set the alarm and the frequency of alarm.
  • Choose the time when to start reminding you, prior to the event.
  • Choose and action, launch a program or a webpage.
  • Set the location of note on your monitor screen.
  • Color Scheme for the note.

Using the settings you can choose more default options for Freebie Notes, like shortcut keys etc. as shown below.

I found this small application pretty impressive and useful as well, go ahead and try it, do share your views about it via comments.

Download Freebie Notes


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