Fully Customize Facebook for Look and Feel with Chrome Extension

If we talk about the community of Facebook users, this will definitely make one of the largest communities across the globe; people have been joining Facebook from different background, in fact people don’t just join Facebook but are also very active on the social networking site. You can find people complaining about the interface of Facebook, also people are seen complaining about the time they have ended up wasting on Facebook, however the solution to later one is self-control, and prioritizing, whereas the first issue, i.e. Facebook interface, can be addressed by this Chrome Extension named as Minimalist for Facebook.

Minimalist for Facebook is an awesome tool; using this Chrome Extension you can customize Facebook as much as you want.

Basically all the possible customizations are divided into 6 major groups, once you have installed the Minimalist for Facebook; you can see these groups on the left panel, whereas the possible settings will be shown in the main windows, as shown below.

Fully Customize Facebook for Look and Feel with Chrome Extension


Also another very beautiful feature of this extension is that you just don’t go customizing your Facebook blindly, it actually shows you the preview of particular option when enabled, and this really makes it easier to go for that particular option or skip it.

The ‘Theme’ tab allows you to customize Facebook for colors and layout, this is great value add to this free Chrome extension, changing the color and layout definitely makes a lot of sense, that’s something people get bored off easily for any tool; hence changing it is a great idea, what say?

Change the Theme of your Facebook with free Google Chrome Extension

Another very impressive feature of Minimalist for Facebook is the tab called as ‘Main’, this too delivers a high level of customization, you can filter the news feed, and also there are some customizations possible on the chat and photos. Here is the snapshot of the ‘Main’.

Customize your Facebook for news feed, photos and chat with free Chrome extension

Apart from all these generic settings, there is another awesome feature of this extension; ‘Import/Export’ can be used for transferring your settings of Minimalist for Facebook to some other browser. There is an option to reset too, so that you kind of never get lost while playing around with these settings.  The settings are saved as Presets, so that anytime whenever you want you can change the preset and roll back to your settings, simple enough, isn’t it?
Import and Export settings to some other browser free chrome extension minimalist facebook

If you too want to spice-up your Facebook experience, this is your chance to have a look at the all new Facebook, and that too fully customized as per your taste, you can download and install the Minimalist for Facebook in your Chrome.


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