Game Room : Checkers like Board Game collection for iPad

Game Room is an iPad Board Game collection which includes games like Checkers, Reversi, Halma, Go, Mancala, Taffl,  Atari Go and Cups. All these games are the classic board games which is  played on an eight by eight squared board.

Features :

  • Graphics and Designs are very neat which is surprising because the app is completely free but ads are displayed at the bottom which doesn’t bother at all.
  • It includes an option which lets you design your own board and change look and feel of the board they way you want. You can even pick your own pieces.
  • Drag and Tap, there are two ways to move the tokens.
  • Lot of help is available with the games if you are new to it.
  • There is an Undo button available which can be used if all the players agree.

The best part of these kind of games is that it can keep you occupied on a long journey specially while traveling on train with iPad battery running for long you don’t have to worry about much. Download from iTunes


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