GeoSetter: Change location or GPS data in images

GeoTagging images has many benefits, be it in business SEO or categorizing a vast array of images per their location. Currently, most images captured from mobile devices and digital cameras are geotagged, however, sharing these images through messaging apps, and other mediums frequently leads to the loss of such data. In this article, we will learn about GeoSetter, which allows you to add Geotags and other metadata to images.

GeoSetter Change location or GPS data in images

GeoSetter: Change location or GPS data in images

Today, we are taking another software, GeoSetter, which lets you update the location data of your image. It’s helpful if you want to make it more accurate or add location data to images that don’t have it.

GeoSetter is an advanced tool compared to other GPS tagging tools. Simply put, you can mass edit the location of images and change almost every data aspect related to an image or multiple images at once.


Using Geo Setter For Geo Tagging Images In Windows

  • Shows existing geo coordinates, image directions, and tracks on embedded OpenStreetMaps map.
  • You can add the exact GPS location to multiple images.
  • Change the date and time or use the timestamps of the image.
  • Create Templates: Here, you can add a location, Copyright descriptions, Date, Contact, and Keyword ready to be applied.
  • You can also create templates from a Geo-Tagged Image.
  • Star Rating for Images.
  • Supports Tracks, i.e. import tracks file which has GPS data.
  • Advanced Filter to sort images with our without location tags, etc.
  • Possibility to change taken date of images
  • Automatically fill up location IPTC fields and altitude values.

Maps are integrated with GeoSetter, which is impressive for travelers obsessed with geotags. While the app previously did have support for Google Maps and location search, it now only works with OpenStreetMaps and does not have the search functionality. You will need the location coordinates for the Geotag image(s). It works with GPS files, meaning you can pin things according to directions.

Download GeoSetter

How To Use GeoSetter To GeoTag Images

Using GeoSetter, you can GeoTag single or bulk images:

  • Download and Install GeoSetter on your PC.
  • Launch the application.
  • From the left pane of the application, open a folder and select the files for which you wish to change the data.
  • Now, head over to the map view on the right since the search functionality and Google Maps currently do not work. You will have to do with the OpenStreetMaps. You can zoom into the map or enter the Coordinates to the location.
  • To find the coordinates to your desired location on the map, head to on your PC, search for the location, right-click the pinpoint, and copy the coordinates.Copy location coordinates in Google Maps
  • Come back to the app and paste the coordinates in the field below the map view in Geosetter.
  • Now, from the top right bar, click the fourth option to assign a location to the image. Geotagging images using co ordinates on Geo setter
  • Press Ctrl+Save on your keyboard to finally save the image.
  • To bulk geotag images, select multiple images from the folder panel on the left while holding the Ctrl key and follow the same steps from above.

How To Use GeoSetter To Modify Metadata Of Images

GeoTag also allows you to change Metadata such as time, date, remarks, tags, description, contact, and many more:

  • In the left folder panel of the Geosetter app, right-click an image (If you want to edit data for multiple images, select them while holding the Ctrl button in Windows).
  • From the context menu, click on Edit Data. This will open a window where you can modify data for each selected image.Edit image data in Geo Setter
  • If you wish to apply the same data to all the images, Set Current values for all selected images and press OK. Bulk changing exif data of images in Geosetter


In this article, we learned how to Geotag Images using GeoSetter. Geotagging images is getting increasingly popular among Google My Business users as it enhances the overall business SEO and improves the discoverability of the business on the search engine. We hope that you found the article to be helpful.


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