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Giving out your personal home or mobile phone number is what always will make you uncomfortable when either somebody asks or you need to fill in some where.  This breaches not only your privacy but also you never know here your number is getting used specially with annoying telemarketers. We should always be careful about this.

Numblr gives an alternate to this problem. It allows you to create a free disposable free phone number which can redirect call to your original phone number ( home or mobile ) without letting the caller know about it. They have even spamblocker in built which can block all the calls from the annoying telemarketers.

Numbr : Disposable number
Numbr : Disposable number

Looking at the features now this service is just not call forwarder but has lot of functionality built in :

  • Auto Expire, forward incoming calls to any number either Home or Mobile number.
  • Though it can auto expire but there is no limit from their side. You can keep the number working  as long as you would like to use it. 
  • You can access all your call records online via email and get a voice mail facility also.
  • The voicemail is sent to you as .WAV file which you can play it and listen unline the traditonal way of doing it.
  • Do not disturb mode from certain time period depending on your region.
  • Suspoected telemarketers are automatically avoided and you can also block some of the callers.
  • Check out the image above for detailed options.

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