Get a test drive of Windows 7 ( Developers and IT Professionals)

If you still have doubt if Windows 7 is ready for development environment or as IT expert you want to be sure if your company needs Windows 7 installation on all machines, here is your chance to grab a Test Drive for the best operating system Microsoft has developed till now.

Experience Genuine Windows 7 running live on our servers in a test-drive environment. One click lets you test and assess Windows 7 from your browser through a collection of fully-featured virtual labs. Supporting videos provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the features & deeper product information can be found in the Learn More resources.

Windows 7 test drive virtual labs
Windows 7 test drive virtual labs

In simple language Windows 7 and Windows 2008 is hosted on Microsoft’s Virtual server. You get access to those server via Virtual Labs and you get tutorials and videos on how to do things on it. This will give you clear understanding on how Windows 7 features works and How you can administer and develop applications on it. Go get yours here


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