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Before I start talking about this Android app, consider a scenario, you are busy working on your Computer, and also you are using the headphones, maybe you are listening to some of your favourite music or some audio book, and you Android Smartphone is kept on your table, in such scenario, the chances are pretty bright that you might miss an important call, as you the ring or vibration of the phone might fail to notify you about a call or a SMS, isn’t it?

Now what if you want to work, listen to music and still don’t want to miss on the SMS, MMS or the Incoming call, any idea? Here is the solution; Remote Notifier for Android is the reply to this scenario.

What is Remote Notifier for Android and how is it helpful –

Remote Notifier for Android is a free Android app, which allows you to receive notifications for Call, SMS, MMS etc. on your computer. To put it in simple words, it is an arrangement to get notified for the incoming calls and messages right on your computer.

The installation Process –

You need to make two installations –

  1. The app on your Android Device, this can be done from the Remote Notifier for Android app page in the android Market.
  2. In order to make this app communicate with your computer, you need to install the desktop client, different versions for Mac, Windows and Linux is available, this can be downloaded from the Android – Notifier page.

Now, let us have a look at the settings, I am using the Remote Notifier for Android in order to get the notifications on my Windows PC, and my Phone is communicating with my Windows PC over the WiFi, so the settings for the same are as follows –

The desktop client once installed can be accessed from the system tray, launch it, and selelct the settings, shown below is the settings window, it is a very simple one, no description is required here, only thing to be kept in mind is – Make sure network Firewall isn’t enabled.

Get Android Notifications on your PC desktop client settings

Now, talking about the Remote Notifier for Android app, all the other settings are pretty simple and easy to understand, just be sure to set the options under the ‘Notification methods’ properly. Like, as I said earlier, I am making my Android Phone communicate with my Windows Laptop over Wifi, so here are the settings, have a look at the snapshot below –

Get Android Notifications on your PC Android app settings

Once done with all these settings, you are ready to start getting the notifications on your computer. Now use the ‘Send test notification’ option to test if the app is working well.

If you are using some other combination, i.e. something other than WiFi to connect and operating system other than Windows, the setup process in such case may be slightly different, hence I would suggest you to visit the Android Notifier page to get the replies to all your queries.

Here is an attempt to demonstrate the working of Remote Notifier for Android, have a look.

[Video Here]

So, go ahead, and try this app, don’t forget to share your views about it with us, we love to hear from you.

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