Get detailed Weather forecast for your city: Weather Pulse

Weather Pulse is an awesome application to get detailed weather forecasts and current conditions as well.

Once installed this free software can give you weather forecasts in several ways, like an hourly report, 5 days forecast, detailed forecast, current conditions (temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Sunrise, Sunset etc.).

As shown in above screenshot, you can choose the type of forecast you want, moreover you can get to see Images, Videos and any Alerts as well.

You need to choose the city for which you are interested in getting the weather report, and later you can configure other things under the View tabs by clicking the Settings option, as shown below.

Here you can set the satellite view of any region of world as your wallpaper which changes dynamically, there are several other settings which don’t need any description, an option for Desktop Desklet is also there, which is a button like floating transparent structure on your desktop, which keeps reporting you about the weather.

So, if you are interested in getting a detailed report of the weather in your City, go ahead and grab this free application now.

Download Weather Pulse


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